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Appraisals and Insurance Replacements at Raffi's Fine Jewelry

Raffi's Fine Jewelry appraisal services are known for quality and accuracy. A trusted company for many generations. Every timepiece and jewelry are carefully examined by our appraisers, graded and documented with the greatest accuracy and descriptive detail possible. Our staff are Graduates of the Gemological Instite of America, their precision depends by their knowledge of current market values.

Graduate Gemologists and Registered Gemologist Appraisers have the ultimate knowledge to document a formal appraisal to exacting detail accepted by insurance companies.

Due to increase in value of gems and gold, all insurance companies recommend an update on your most current appraisals and if you do not have an appraisal, one of our qualified appraisers will document your valuables. Most appraisals are $ 125.00. Some items may be higher, please call us at 949-457-1344.

Raffi's Fine Jewelry uses State-Of-The-Art Gemological Equipment

Professional Gemological Microscope

Sarin Colorimeter for accurate color grading

DiaScan S+ Diamond Analyzer for proportion grading

Call us for an appointment at 949-457-1344 Our qualified specialists are ready to assist you.
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