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At Raffi’s Fine Jewelry we offer the following services right on the premises:

Custom Jewelry Designs


Jewelry Repairs

  Ring Sizing and Re-Sizing
  Jewelry Mounting
  Gold Repair
  Platinum Repair
  Silver Repair
  Prong Retipping
  Chain Repair and Soldering
  Pearl and Bead Re-stringing
  All Stone Settings and Replacements
  Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing

Watch Repairs

Raffi's Fine Jewelry highly trained watch repairmen work on most brands of watches and pocket watches. If you need a new battery, band, or band adjustment, we can perform most basic duties while you wait. Competitive pricing for preferred selections of all major brands Mechanical watch repair and servicing Full Service for Mechanical and Quartz Watches.

Raffi's Fine Jewelry offers full service for mechanical watches consists of the disassembly and overhaul of the movement with an examination of all original parts. We replace damaged or worn parts along with brand new gasket(s) and re-seal water-resistant cases.

Pearl Restringing


Estate and Consignment Jewelry

Jewelry Care

At Raffi’s Fine Jewelry we offer some simple cleaning tips to keep your gems in perfect condition:


Although diamond are the hardest substance on earth, they can be chipped and break because they grow with cleavage planes. To keep diamonds sparkling and beautiful, Raffi suggest that you should always clean them in ultrasonic and store them away from other diamonds. 

Colored Stones:

Gemstones such as emeralds can be considered brittle since they almost always have inclusions and internal growth features that make them more vulnerable to breaking. Long exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals can permanently damage these stones. We at Raffi’s suggest cleaning them with a soft damp cloth or with lukewarm water and soft brush.

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